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Sunday, June 14, 2009

History of the Mesa City Band

The band was originally founded at the turn of the century (1900) by a small group of Mesa citizens who wanted some special music for a community event. Because of the success of that endeavor, the band continued until it was disbanded in 1942 during the war.

It was re-established in 1947, but again disbanded a few years later. The current organization was founded in the Fall of 1967 as the Tri City Band. In the early 1980's the band received funding from the City of Mesa and changed its name to the Mesa City Band.

The band rehearses weekly on Wednesday evenings and presents concerts throughout the East Valley at a wide variety of private and public events. If you are an amateur musician seeking a life-long musical experience, you can surely find it in the Mesa City Band. Prospective players are asked to contact Larry Baedke, the director, who determines any openings in the Band and its instrumentation.

The Mesa City Band has a goal of spreading the joy of American concert band music to all of the citizens of Mesa and the East Valley. It also provides music in more intimate venues with its Small Band of about 35 members. They still make a big sound!

The Band's traditional venues include retirement parks, public schools, and civic, private, and public events. The Band plays both indoors and outdoors, having performed concerts in the Mesa Amphitheater and Centennial Hall. The Band has also played on the deck of swimming pools, on golf courses, in public parks, and in school playgrounds.

The Band is proud of its traditions, its mission, and its history of service to the community.


Don Larry said...

First mention of the Mesa City Band was in 1893 in the Mesa Free Press, about the same time the Mesa Ladies Cornet Band was organized. Jimmy Lindsey and Herman Berringer founded the Mesa Community Band in December 1967, rehearsing at the old Mesa High School bandroom. It was renamed Tri City Band in the mid-1970s at the urging of some of the band members who came from Tempe and Chandler.

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