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Friday, August 20, 2021

Band Officers 2024-2025

President: Loretta Rite
Vice President: Donna Johnson
Secretary: Bobbi Foot
Treasurer: Tony Bamrick

Flutes/Double Reeds: Irene Bamrick
Clarinets: Jane Cummins
Saxophones: Honey Kimmel
Trumpets & french Horns: Matt Wharton
Low Brass & Percussion: George Bock
Member-at large: Harvey Cefalu
Member-at-large: Barbaba Lockwood


Other Positions (Non-Board Positions):

Booking Manager - Larry Baedke (602) 881-4831
Librarian - Irene Bamrick
Assistant Librarian - Harvey Cefalu
Equipment Manager - Chris Perry
Membership - Tony Bamrick
Website Maintenance: Laura Jones


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